Oil & Gas Equipments

Product / Gas & Oil

Our Products are handled by a qualified and experienced sales team comprising of professional sales engineers and sales executives with the overall supervision of the sales manager. We continuously diversify and expand the division to meet the market requirements.
We have showrooms and warehouses in the strategic locations in the Middle East and industrial area. Large stocks of inventories of items are also kept in our warehouse in Malsch Germany.
We supply from our stock for just in time enquiries or we supply also according to costumer speicifications.
Our Manufacturer are wordwide approved by all big Oil & Gas Companies in MENA area.
Dont hesitate to send your enquiries, we take care also about enquiries for Items which are not in our following lists:

    Due Date

    We specialize in supplying and servicing


    • Ball Valves
    • Gate Valves
    • Insulation Joints
    • Pig Traps
    • Adapters : Hot Tapping Tees, Split Tees
    • Snap Closing
    • Axial Check Valves
    • Axial Control Valve
    • Actuators

    All Items could be manufactured also according to the costumer specifications

    Measuring and Control Technology

    • Gas Analyzer
    • Ultrasonic Gas Meter
    • Rotary Piston Meter
    • Communication Gateway
    • Software
    • Pressure Regulator for Household

    Pipe & Pipe Fittings

    • Pipe line Fittings
    • CS, SS, DSS Line pipes
    • Casing&Tubing
    • Misc. Equipment used in Exploration and production in Oil & Gas
    • Vessels
    • Strainers…ect.

    Pipe isolation & Intervention Works

    • Hot Tapping
    • Tecno Plug Non-Intrusive Inline Isolation
    • Temporary Line Plugging

    Upstream:  Engineering, Design and manufacturing of Gas systems

      • Gas Dehydration units (TEG)
      • Test Separators
      • Compressor Filtration Packages and Pig Launcher / Receiver (from the well to processing facility pipeline)
    • Midstream & Downstream:  Gas Networks and Pipelines, Refineries, etc Like: Filtration Systems for Compression stations, Gas pressure reduction & metering stations for gas pipeline network projects, Pig Launcher / Receiver packages and also Gas conditioning packages for Aluminium plants / Refineries, etc .. (when gas conditioning is needed)
    • Energy: Engineering, Design and Manufacturing of Fuel gas systems for Gas Fired Power PlantsLike: Fuel Gas Supply System, Gas Common Part for Turbine, Gas Unit Parts for Turbines, Fuel Gas Conditioning Package


    • Centrifugal Pumps
    • Vertical Pumps
    • Process Pumps
    • High Pressur Pumps
    • Fire pump packages

    Gas & Air Filters

    • Gas Turbines Filters
    • Air Filters