Making the wrong choice can be costly

Indu-Ko GmbH act not only as tender papers postman, we take our business serious and we are partner in all steps from enquiries till precomissioning of material in Field, so we are part by all the following steps:

  • Enquiries and all enquired technical clarifications
  • Kick of Meeting after Purchase Order award if required
  • Pre-Inspection Meeting if required
  • Precommissioning if required
  • Payments follow up
  • Bank Guarantee (Bid Guarantee, Performance Guarantee) follow up (from establishment till release)
  • Expediting by sub supplier if required
  • Drawing service if required

Strict Qualification Procedure

In order to maintain the high quality standards of Oil & Gas Companies in Middle East, a qualification procedure was introduced (Example: Aramco or Adnoc registration for vendors and suppliers). Supply such Oil & Gas Companies is only possible after getting approval of this registration.

Choosing the right partner is the top priority here to ensure that your company can be registred and work with local Oil & Gas State Companies in the future. If you make the wrong choice now, you risk rejection of the registration and you will have to transfer to another partner. The process of transferring and resubmitting the registration is costly and time consuming.

The duration of the registration process depends on many factors and is between 6 weeks and 6 months. We at Indu-Ko GmbH know exactly how it works and we are already partner of various ADNOC, ARAMCO, PDO, KOC, Sonatrach .. registered companies.

Don´t hesitate to ask after our references.

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