Manufacturers / Vendors

Manufacturers / Vendors

Indu-Ko GmbH as ISO 9001 certified company guarantees all manufacturer we represent or for which we act as a distributor in MENA Area the following service:

  • We obtain the bid documents for supply of products from the clients and send it to the vendors for pricing.
  • Technical clarifications during the bidding phase
  • Conducting negotiations in prices & Delivery time on behalf of manufacturers
  • Carry out of Kick-off Meetings or Pre-Inspection meetings with costumers in site if required
  • Handling of complaints
  • Organization and Support on trade fairs
  • Clearing all the products from customers and make the delivery to the clients if required.
  • We give to the clients all necessary products guarantee as given by vendors to us. test
  • Providing all necessary visas and logistic support for employees of manufacturers in the territory we are active.
  • We have the responsibility to help vendor to collect the payment safely and on time (LC, release of Bank Guarantees, Payment monitoring)

Manufacturing Drawing Services

Our professional drafters are highly skilled in piping engineering drawing and spezialise in variaety of drawing services for piping, instrumentation etc.

Here some of the basic offer we can submit:

  • General arrangement drawings
  • Detail sectional drawings
  • Fabrication drawings

We also offer Stress Analysis, Isometrics, Nozzle Orientation, Material Take Off etc.. keeping in mind the famous quality standards (ASME, ASCE, API, EN, DNV etc.).

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