Indu-Ko GmbH present not only Oil & Gas Field-Products- manufacturer in MENA Region, but support also EPC-Contractors acting in MENA Region & Europe.
The idea to support EPC-Contractors is result of our years ago experience to supply EPC Contractors trough European Manufacturer and we know exactly where it makes really sense to accept our support.

Each EPC-Contractors know the critical situation by end user, when the precommissioning is not possible or on hold because one Item is still not yet delivered from Vendors or the vendor himself is also waiting for this Item from Sub Supplier.

And exactly by such Situation we have one strong team who can act localy in MENA or in Europe to solve this, therefore we offer EPC-Contractors the following service with reasonable cost effect:

  • Advising of serious vendors for Items our scope of work due live and local checking of the capacity of the vendors in Europe before Purchase order awarding
  • Participation on Kick of meeting after PO Awarding by vendors in All Europe
  • Participation on Pre-Inspection Meeting by Vendors in All Europe
  • ARH Approval in Algeria
  • Expediting:
    • Schedule monitoring and/or hurrying up of orders at your suppliers
    • Continuous care of your orders from order placement to dispatch
    • Proposal of solution suggestions in the case of schedule or quality divergences being detected

Algeria Special Market

  • Sonatrach in Algeria is one of the biggest Oil and Gas player this world. To supply Oil & Gas Items to Sonatrach, those Items have to be first approved from ARH (Autorité de Régulation des Hydrocarbures=Hydrocarbons Regulatory Authority) before starting the production (Dossier preliminaire), this is one of the big challenge in Algeria Gas & Oil Market.
  • The fact that you as Vendor/ Manufacturer can start the production of the awarded Items only if you get the approval from the ARH, but the agreed delivery time is starting direct by PO awarding, this mean the buyer has not to wait for the approval of ARH to count the delivery time and exactly by this fact we Indu-Ko GmbH are really your professional partner to manage this challenge and get your approval in the right time without deliverytime effect.
  • We Indu-Ko GmbH as ARH speialist in Alger manage this since 2009 and we know exactly how it works and which documents are required and how to organize professional dossier preliminaire to get the approval to start the production and also very important the approval of Dossier Final to get your Performance Guarantee released.

For EPC-Contractors who wish start business in some special markets, we also are able to organize Joint ventures with local contractors to make the start easier, so we consider us as door opener and we take care about all procedure trough our local specialists

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